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Auto insurance is a way for an individual to protect himself against unseen calamities and challenges. Simply speaking, auto insurance is the coverage offered to you by insurance companies in return for premiums paid. This means that will cover your vehicle in case of breakdowns or accidents. The type of insurance you can have depends on many factors such as vehicle type, make, cost and age. Also, premiums are therefore based on risk factors.

How to get more gas mileage

improve gas mileage A very wise and safe investment to improve gas mileage for your automobile is by using the KRAFTSTOFF Fuel Savings Patch attached to your fuel tank. The patch is easy to install and requires no maintenance through its 5-year lifetime. It is cost effective and will return your money within a few months. The patch is also good for the environment because carbon monoxide emissions will be reduced and the engine will run more efficiently and cleaner! Visit their website to learn more.


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