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If you are a new driver, you would be unhappy to know that you will have to pay more with your new driver insurance. The reason behind this is that insurance companies consider it a liability to insure new drivers. In their opinion, those with hardly any driving experience are more prone to be involved in accidents. Also, as statistics would show, there is a high accident rate associated with young and newly-licensed drivers. If you are about to get a new driver insurance, be sure that you have the capability to pay for it.

Ways to increase fuel economy

increase fuel economy The fuel savings patch by KRAFTSTOFF will increase fuel economy for any type of vehicle! A hybrid or electric car can also save fuel mileage and costs. The patch is designed with a revolutionary 9-layer nanotechnology using Far Infra-Red Rays that prevent pre-ignition and AC drag. Therefore, the power efficiency and acceleration of the vehicle is increased. The circuit is placed on a patch that is 3 inch by 3 inch (6cm x 6cm) with adhesive on the sides. It will easily attach to the gas tank of any size/type of vehicle. Visit www.howtoincreasegasmileage.com to find out more about the certified fuel saver patch.


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