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Keeping Rust and Corrosion Out of Your Food Storage Area

The last thing you want to find when you open up your food storage in an emergency situation, is corroded cans. Corroded food storage cans often indicate toxic and unsavory food, so you want to ensure against corrosion as you plan and stock your food storage shelves. If you live by the ocean, corroded cans are going to be more of an issue for you. Salty and moist air will corrode cans quickly, as will contact with direct moisture.

You can protect your cans from these elements in a few different ways. The first is by simply keeping your food storage cans in a cool dry place. Often this is a basement, but if your basement is prone to flooding or moisture, you should consider a better food storage space.

If you struggle to find a cool dry place, you can protect your food storage cans so that they are less likely to corrode. There are four methods you might use. They include using paraffin, a paste wax, spray silicone, and simple Rustoleum.

Be careful when using paraffin to protect food storage cans. Paraffin has been used for years in canning, but it reaches extraordinarily high levels of heat and can cause painful skin burns upon contact. This method requires a double boiler. You melt the paraffin in the double boiler and brush it on the food storage can. Make sure that no rust has begun to show on the can. If rust already exists on the food storage can, it will only grow under the paraffin wax covering. Seal the seams of the can and take care around the labels so that they do not fall off. If the label does fall off during application, keep the label nearby so that you can apply it afterward or label the can correctly before placing it on the shelf. Otherwise, it will be a mystery can on your food storage shelf.

If you choose paste wax instead, you\'ll want to combine 2 ounces of the wax with a quart of mineral spirits. Warm the mixture carefully by using a double boiler. You don\'t want to heat this over direct heat. Stir well to mix the contents thoroughly and then apply to the food storage can just as directed in the paraffin instructions.

Silicone is another option and you can use a can of spray silicone for this. You\'ll want to do this on newspaper or in a well-protected area and spray lightly but evenly over the food storage can. Let it dry for an hour or so and then wipe the food storage can down with a clean, dry short or rag. Rustoleum can be applied to food storage cans in the same way.

Whether you live by the ocean or high in the hills, it is wise to protect your food storage cans so that your food storage will enjoy a longer shelf life. All of the processes described above have proven successful and you will thank yourself for the extra effort when you open your food storage items and find them as fresh and delicious as they did the day they were packaged.

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