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Some sources and reference are now rendered obsolete by new technology. They are now considered outdated and are basically forgotten when it comes to being sources of information. This fact is probably one of the negative effects of advanced technology. Nowadays, it is very rare to find someone leafing through an encyclopedia to do their research. People are now highly dependent on the internet for all their research needs.

How to Network At Business Events

It is a good idea to have some objectives defined when you go to a networking event. Here are two that can help you improve your business networking.
1) How can you help other people succeed?
2) How can you grow your business?
If you’re coming to the event without both sides of this equation, you’ll either be so selfless that you won’t get a great return for your time, or you’ll be so selfish that people will never want to see you at an event again. Be both. Help others and help yourself. Without a holistic approach your efforts will not be optimized. You can go into any networking event with the thinking that “if I help you, I expect help” back.
Keep in mind that the person you help may not be the person you seek help from. They’re often likely to be two different people.
When Helping Others – ask what challenges they face. Ask what is getting in the way on a specific project that they are now excited about. Look for ways that you may be able to help them.
When Asking For Help – ask people for their opinion or advice on a very specific challenge. Don’t ask “how can I grow my revenue.” – it’s too vague. If they seem interested then you can even set up a time to meet with them to do some brainstorming.
To learn more about how to network at an event click here this blog post at the SEO Notebook. There are some good ideas in this blog post and even a video which shows some common networking blunders.

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